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6 important news are coming to Telegram

A new update to the popular instant messaging app Telegram is now available which includes a good number of new features.

The most notable addition was the improved folders feature in Telegram with the ability to create shared chat folders, but there are also other new features such as custom wallpapers, improvements in bots and a quick scan for attachments, among other things. . Here are the main new features:

New features on Telegram

– Shareable folders: Telegram seeks to facilitate the organization and management of chats in the professional and personal spheres. When you have a large volume of conversations, folders allow you to separate conversations by topics or categories like work, family, friends, studies, among others.

Now these chat folders can be shared with other users (up to a maximum of 200) via a link. Each chat folder supports multiple invite links, allowing you to give different people access to different chats.

Creating a chat folder is simple. All you have to do is go to the Telegram settings and select the “Chat folders” option. From there, you can create a new folder, give it a name, and start adding the corresponding chats. Additionally, folders can be configured to include or exclude all chats of a particular type, such as channels or unread chats, or select chats individually.

-Customize wallpapers in chats: This option allows you to apply specific funds, sending a message to the interlocutor so that you can add this same fund to your own mobile in this conversation. To do this, you must enter the “Change background” section of the application settings menu.

-Direct links to web applications: The operation of Telegram bots that allow companies to provide utilities and services to their users has also been improved. This opens the door to collaborative and even multiplayer features that developers and businesses can use.

-Fast scrolling: It allows you to navigate faster in the gallery that displays the files, indicating the month and year of the received files in the date bar, similar to what happens with the image carousels in the iOS or Android galleries .

-Improvements in the user interface: This means fewer screen taps are required to navigate the app. For example, it is enough to press the “Send” button in a chat to see the time of the last connection of the interlocutor. Groups can also be created without the need to immediately add members and therefore first configure permissions or post messages. Also, in the latest iPhone models, when you scroll the Telegram screen vertically down on the profiles and information pages, a new animation appears on the dynamic island.

Other news incorporated by Telegram

In recent months, Telegram has incorporated other important news, which we summarize below:

-Hidden images to avoid spoilers: Finally, an image that is too revealing can be hidden, which is very useful when it comes to avoiding spoiling the viewing experience of a film or series for others, by creating an alert that notifies the nature of said content and therefore the recipient of the message. decide whether you want to see it or not. This content (which can be a video or a photograph) does not disappear once viewed.

-Storage: Thanks to the incorporation of a new storage selector, the user can manage more precisely the amount of space occupied in the memory of the mobile, being able to even configure the application so that Telegram does not occupy a single megabyte on the smartphone and everything is stored in the cloud.

– Media edition: The catalog of tools for personalized editing of multimedia content before shipping is expanding.

– User profile picture: Users can change their profile picture, with the ability to suggest which picture to pin to appearing contacts.

– Public profile picture: To enhance privacy, Telegram allows you to select two different images to identify the profile, a private one that will only be shown to specifically selected contacts, and a public one for the rest of the users.

-Interactive emojis: In the case of Telegram Premium, 10 new animated emojis appear.

– Management of the list of participants: In groups of more than 100 participants, the new possibility to hide the list of participants is included (also to increase confidentiality).

-Registration without SIM card: Despite the fact that Telegram has never shown the phone number to strangers and users can manage who can know and find it, the messaging platform is moving forward by allowing a Telegram account without a SIM card and even the ability to connect via anonymous numbers generated via Blockchain technology by the Fragment platform.

-Automatically delete all chats: In 2013, Telegram introduced self-destruct messages, including the ability to set self-delete timers so that specific chats are deleted after a certain amount of time. An automatic deletion timer can now be set for all new chats, including new chats with users, regardless of who created them.

-Themes 2.0: The improvement in the management of topics that had already been undertaken with the previous update and which involved a merger between instant messaging and Internet forums is progressing with the inclusion in this modality of groups of 100 members or more. This option is easier to use and displays themes in two columns. A “General” section appears with the group’s service messages in addition to the history of previous messages in the headings. For those who prefer to view them as messages, there’s that option too, as well as an unread messages counter. There is also the option to set up to five themes.

-Spam filter: The tools available to chat admins to keep them spam-free are enhanced. In the case of groups with more than 200 members, a new aggressive mode can be activated for automatic spam filters.

– Temporary QR codes: To share the contact with other Telegram users, QR codes have been generated for a long time, which can now also be temporary for those who do not have a username and want to hide their phone number from everyone. This allows you to share the contact without needing to know the phone number.

Find emojis on iOS: This option was already available for the Android operating system and now iOS users can finally use it, through a search engine that allows them to locate the desired emoji in different languages, which includes searching among personalized packages.

-Redesign of Android storage management: This is an option that was already available on iOS and now on Android, it also shows the amount of space used by each cat on the device, allowing you to individually delete different types of files such as photos, videos, music, documents…

Finally, this new Telegram update includes new personalized and interactive emojis.

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