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Creality 3D proudly launches the HALOT-MAGE series of 8K resin printers

At the Spring New Product Launch Conference held on April 9, 2023, Creality 3D launched a new generation of HALOT-MAGE series 10.3-inch 8K resin 3D printers.

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The MAGE series includes two new products, HALOT-MAGE and HALOT-MAGE PRO. HALOT-MAGE is the basic version with 10.3 inch 8K LCD printing screen and air purifier. HALOT-MAGE PRO adds professional features such as 170mm/hour high-speed printing, intelligent circular feeding and integral light source 3.0 to the basic version. These two products represent Creality 3D’s full innovation breakthrough since the launch of the first resin printer in 2015.

Creality always puts users first and listens to their voice. The original intention of developing the MAGE series is to solve the following user problems:

  • – Slow speed: users don’t have to wait all night
  • – Resin recycling problems: the remaining resin must be manually recycled with a paper funnel. Resin stains are a nightmare.
  • -Great Resin Smell: The smell is very bothersome and bothersome. Even getting close to him is a kind of torture.
  • -The top cap gets in the way: each time you add resin or remove an impression, you have to remove the cap and put it back on. It wastes time and takes up extra space.
  • -Limited size and precision: Building volumes are too small to make large models, or the end result is not refined enough.

So how does Creality solve these problems? The answer can be found by diving into the powerful features of the MAGE series.

170mm/h super high speed

The HALOT-MAGE PRO offers a speed of 170 mm/h, which is 3 to 5 times faster than the competition. With the blessing of “Dynax” motion system, it only takes 1.2 seconds to stably move up and down the build platform to print the next layer. Users can print high quality models in 1 hour.

3d reality

Ultra-clear 8K resolution

10.3-inch 8K (7680×4320) monochrome LCD printing screen with a pixel size of 29.7μm, which is thinner than the 50μm of ordinary 4K printers. The large LCD screen offers a luxurious 228 x 128 x 230mm print size, giving you more creative space. Miniatures, prototypes, accessories… everything can be printed quickly.

clear print

Integral Light Source 3.0

HALOT-MAGE PRO adopts the third generation integral light source. More than 90% irradiation uniformity, full-size output model of the printing platform, can print 0.1mm ultra-thin media that can be removed by hand. The light intensity reaches 8000 μw/cm² and standard curing of a 405 nm resin monolayer takes only one second. The surface of the model is smoother.

“MageArch” Professional Hinged Lid

The hinged lid opens and closes easily with one hand and does not need to be pushed aside. It is only 1/4 higher when open, saving more space. Orange tint is handy for blocking 99.89% of ambient UV light for minimal interference.

smart air purifier

The built-in replaceable activated carbon filter element is 5.8 times larger than ordinary filter elements, effectively filtering out irritating odors and harmful substances. There is an exhaust hole at the rear end of the filter, which is convenient to connect the exhaust pipe to realize external circulation.

Air purification

smart power cycle

HALOT-MAGE PRO is equipped with an intelligent circulating feed system, which automatically replenishes or recycles 1 liter of resin in less than half an hour. No need to manually change or handle resin frequently during printing, and don’t worry about resin splashing.

smart resin reality

In terms of slicing software, Creality provides the self-developed HALOT BOX, which has a simpler workflow and more comprehensive presets. HALOT-MAGE PRO is also compatible with a wide selection of third-party slicing software. Moreover, if you purchase HALOT-MAGE PRO, you will also receive a free CHITUBOX Pro VIP for one year to enjoy various premium features.

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In terms of printer control, users can easily manage dozens of HALOT MAGE PROs through the multi-printer control feature of HALOT BOX or Creality Cloud.

The MAGE series is now available at official Creality online stores. The links are listed below.

EU: https://store.creality.com/eu/products/halot-mage-pro-8k-resin-3d-printer?aid=es=tr=good8k

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