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Earn money from affiliate marketing

It happens the same on the internet as in the real world, but the areas, opportunities and profit on the internet are much larger than in the real world.

And if this definition is also somewhat difficult for you, here is the following definition:-

“Affiliate marketing  you selling or promoting someone else’s products/services, and getting a commission for you as a return for this effort.”

The basic concept that affiliate marketing is based on is that you get your commission when the sale te.

As you can imagine, this is very attractive for many people, especially if you have a website, but you do not have a product, or even have the ability to create a product and sell it on your site, in this case, affiliate, e-marketing will be an effective solution for you.

Our goal in this article is to explain to you the basic principles of affiliate marketing on the internet and explain how you can start your first affiliate Marketing campaign from scratch, with very little money.

So in principle – the first thing you should do as an Affiliate marketer to get started is:

You promote other people’s products (whether they are companies or individuals) using your link called Referral Link, Tracking ID or any other name, the important thing is that it refers to you, and here you are alone, and it enables the business owner to follow visitors coming through your way, especially those who completed the sale process, so this link should be for you alone, you should not use any other link except to prove your eligibility for commission, in case of completion of the sale process.

If any of your visitors complete the intended sale (or takes a certain action, such as registering on a site, filling out a questionnaire, or others) through your link, it is followed up by the original site owner (advertiser) and based on it you get your commission. This commission can be a percentage of the product value (as Clickbank does) or a fixed amount determined by the advertiser (as MaxBounty does)

In this way, the advertiser and the publisher – both – benefit… The advertiser gets a lot of sales for his/her products/services, while many publishers (or affiliate marketers) promote their products, increasing their income with the commission they receive for promoting this good / service. Moreover, the advertiser will only pay a penny to the publisher if the sale is completed, there is no risk in the matter such as PPC click advertising campaigns such as those carried out by major companies such as Google.

For this reason, most product creators produce their own Avalanche program, which they provide with special links on the sites where they advertise their products.

What affiliate Marketing 

Affiliates are used by companies to reach a larger segment of the audience, into customers, and increase sales volume. It is a very great way for companies to reach a larger number of marketers, advertising their products/services in exchange for a small return. A small commission for each sale.

For example:

Imagine that you have your own business in which you sell a certain product, and as the owner of this business it is difficult for you to market any of the products/services you produce, but if you have another 100 people selling this product to you, then in this case you raise the nervous pressure exerted by you to promote and sell this product, so you just collect, settle accounts, and this will thus allow your business to take off in a larger area of distribution, reach the target area of the market in a short time, and build the desired customer base by increasing sales .. Note that all this is assuming that those 100 you hired, and you only supervise them.

But suppose that these 100 of them each receive a reasonable commission for each sale they make. It is a very profitable deal, and this is a motivating factor that pushes Affiliates people to work more and more to reach the desired end of this business. It is a win-win deal in the literal sense of the word Win-Win Deal, both the producer and the marketer win, and win satisfactorily as well .. Perhaps you create an atmosphere of competition in this atmosphere by motivating with prizes and announcing the results of marketers. This can ignite the fire of competition at its height.

I have – personally made a lot of money from the internet through affiliate marketing over the years, and I still do in fact, and also use a special affiliate marketing program on the Good Times website if you notice – where we offer a 50% Commission, which is the largest commission percentage offered by an Arab Company. But if you come across those ads that I was meeting, which tell you about affiliate marketing, like it’s a children’s game, and that you can make thousands of dollars a day with a little effort from you, then know very well that this is completely untrue.

And you don’t understand with this that you won’t be able to make those thousands of dollars, and there are already those who make thousands every day, but the truth is that none of them made thousands of dollars overnight .. No way… Success has taken them a lot of time and effort to create that empire of affiliate marketing of their own, and after this effort comes the stage of making profits as a result of these efforts.

And remember from the very beginning, affiliate Marketing is a business and business like any other business in ordinary life, and it is a more than wonderful way to make money on the internet, like any other business in ordinary life, and it will need a lot of time, effort and money from you, just like any other life business, and this is so that you can make such sums and profits as you dream of.

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