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Earn your first $5 online freelancer

 If you are among the novices in the field of profit or you have no idea about the most profitable areas on the Internet, then you are now in the right place to learn more about this field I will share with you several sites that will help you do mini-tasks and win sums of money from 5 dollars

 Surely you will know that there is an area from which many people earn large amounts of $5

 The question that you may ask me now is that you are not qualified to do any service in the digital field such as designing websites or background images or anything of this, I will answer you honestly.  For example, audio commentary

 Or you may buy templates for montage introductions at cheap prices and resell them at a specific price of 5 dollars, or you may buy .com domains through coupons for 1 dollar and return them for 5 dollars, or you may be a photographer and have photos that you want to sell at a certain price, books or anything that comes to your mind

Through the answer, you will know that profit from the Internet is not impossible or difficult, but rather it is a goal to take advantage of time in favour of hard work and reap dollars as well, so I suggest you famous sites in mini-sales services

Fiverr website

It is also rich in every definition, and it is a micro-services site for foreigners, meaning that you will be independent in your work, especially if you are a professor, programmer, photographer, producer or owner of ideas. Through the site, you can make money, of course, if you are skilled in the process of marketing your services in the language  English, such as designing pictures, writing articles, and others

 picnic site

 This Arabic site will help programmers of templates, coding or localizing them to publish their work within the platform and sell them to customers, so that this site is dedicated to the designs of blogs, magazines and also forums, you can sell an endless number of your templates

 Freelancer website

 Through which you display your services and also a CV to get a job with a specific company so that it suggests a specific job and you communicate with them within the framework of that work in addition to that site offers prizes and gifts to members as well.  3D, design a website or work on a specific blog

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