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Facebook is doing the profit feature in most countries


Through this new method, which was officially announced in the Facebook Meta forum, Facebook wants to enter the world of videos that carry music clips in the same way as Tik Tok, meaning that anyone can profit from videos by 20%, according to the Facebook blog  dead.  Definition and song rights holders will receive a separate stake.

Meaning that the user will have the advantage of adding his favorite music to the clips without problems, especially in terms of rights or the like, but this feature can only be obtained if a number of conditions are respected.

 The most prominent of them is that the person is qualified to integrate ads into the videos with the number of minutes and also views. Second, the video must be no less than 60 seconds, i.e. a full minute. The last thing is that the music must be within the Facebook Creator studio library.

 The feature will begin rolling out on Monday to video creators globally. Eligible videos will also earn money through in-stream ads served within the US as the first country initially, and this will expand to the rest of the world where music is available on Facebook in the coming months for each specific country  .

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