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Financial experts’ praise for Bitcoin

The Compliments Bitcoin Has Received From Top Financial Experts

According to Documenting Bitcoin, Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market valuation and one of the most important technological innovations of our time, has received praise from financial experts.

The first of these compliments came from Jim Messina, deputy chief of staff in the administration of former US President Barack Obama. During an interview on Fox News, Messina called Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies “one of the most exciting developments of our lives”.

Jim Messina Talks Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies on Fox News

Eric Schmidtformer Google CEO and accomplished American technologist and entrepreneur, called Bitcoin a “remarkable cryptographic achievement”. At the time of making this comment on the world’s most capitalized cryptocurrency, Schmidt was engaged in a discussion with co-author of “The New Digital Age” book, Jared Cohen.

Schmidt also spoke about Web3 and the new digital economy while attending SmartCon 2022 alongside Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov.

Eric Schmidt on Bitcoin in a debate with Jared Cohen

Legendary billionaire American value investor Bill Miller compared Bitcoin to some of the most groundbreaking inventions and innovations of our time.

bitcoin is “like digital gold, the printing press, the steam engine, the railway, the automobile or electricity”assured Miller during an interview on WealthTrack at the end of 2022.

Miller is widely known in the financial world for holding Wall Street’s all-time record for investing and outperforming the S&P 500 for 15 consecutive years, Documenting Bitcoin noted. On top of that, the American billionaire investor has been a prominent supporter of Bitcoin. In 2022, Miller revealed that 50% of his wealth was invested in BTC. In 2021, his son Bill Miller IV also said that Bitcoin had been the best performing investment asset for 8 out of the last 10 years and that not owning bitcoins had been a mistake.

Bill Miller on Bitcoin in an interview with WealthTrack
Bill Miller on Bitcoin in an interview with WealthTrack

Michael SaylorCEO of MicroStrategy, currently the largest institutional investor in Bitcoin, highlighted the potential of the cryptocurrency and its scalability network during an exclusive interview with CNBC, on their television show Squawk on the Street.

Saylor said Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, the second-layer network for Bitcoin scalability, created “a monetary system that works for everyone and never goes out”while calling on companies, banks and governments to move towards the new finance of the 21st century.

Michael Saylor talks about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network in an interview with CNBC
Michael Saylor talks about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network in an interview with CNBC

Although the billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio He has varied his opinions on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on several occasions, during an exclusive interview with CNBC, on his Squawk Box program, he assured that the innovation and development of the market-leading cryptocurrency had been impressive.

“I think it’s amazing what Bitcoin has achieved in 12 years”Dalia says.

During an interview with Michael J. Casey in 2021, Dalio revealed that the economic crisis prompted him to add Bitcoin to his investment portfolio, declaring himself the holder of the cryptocurrency.

Ray Dalio on Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC
Ray Dalio on Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC

Other accolades received by Bitcoin

Apart from those mentioned above, other financial and technology experts have also shared a positive and optimistic view on the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

As this outlet reports, there have been many occasions where Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, praised Bitcoin for its technology, innovation and revolution. In March last year, Wozniak called Bitcoin “mathematically pure gold”. On other occasions, he has also referred to cryptocurrency as “the most amazing mathematical miracle” and the “only digital gold”.

Similarly, the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cookconsider bitcoin a good and reasonable investmentalthough he doesn’t see cryptocurrency being part of his business in the near future.

Twitter co-founder and software developer, Jack Dorsey and the founder of Ark Invest, Cathy Wood, have also been strong supporters of Bitcoin and share a positive view of its transformative potential. Dorsey even believes that Bitcoin could eventually replace the dollarwhile Wood recently said that cryptocurrency is a protection and an insurance policy in today’s world.

“People living in hyperinflated emerging markets need a backup option and an insurance policy. They need Bitcoin”Wood said during an interview with Yahoo Finance.

Cathie Wood on Bitcoin in an interview with Yahoo Finance
Cathie Wood on Bitcoin in an interview with Yahoo Finance

At the end of January, even the senator of the State of Arizona (United States), Wendy Rogers, assured that Bitcoin is “a decentralized instrument of freedom”.


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