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FP Multi-Platform Application Development Jobs

Over the past decade, the The IT sector has seen a significant increase in demand for professionals. More and more companies need the services of technicians in micro-computer systems and networks. And everything indicates that this trend will continue over time.

Without a doubt, we are faced with one of the most promising professions, in particular for the facilities it offers to access the labor market. It is therefore essential to train and acquire the necessary knowledge. The FP Advanced Diploma in Cross-Platform Application Development is presented as the most suitable alternative and in Vocational training centers such as Titulae You will have all the facilities to study remotely, adapting to your needs at all times.

You will be able to organize your study schedules according to your needs, and this is possible Thanks to flexibility of lessons, offered both in the morning and in the afternoon. It is possible to follow them live or a few hours later if your obligations did not allow it.

What job opportunities does this FP degree offer me?

Once you have completed your graduate studies in FP in cross-platform application development, you will have great chance of finding a job. The professional will have sufficient knowledge to carry out the following work:

Computer application development for business and business management.
– Development of applications in the entertainment industry and mobile computing.
-Expert in bigdata.
Custom component developer.
-Responsible for information and data stored in ERP-CRM systems.
-Manage databases and computer system configuration.

The fields in which this type of work is most in demand are telecommunications, the information and communication technology sector or marketing. The employment rate for these studies is 85%, according to the latest INE survey on the education-training transition.

you can also open the doors of the university to access the degree in computer engineering in certain faculties.

What functions will I be able to perform with what I have learned?

During the two years that lasts the senior cycle of development of cross-platform applications, a series of capacities are acquired to design and execute the application programming and tool testing. Among the tasks that can be performed with the knowledge acquired are:

Manage databasesinterpreting its design and verifying data integrity, security and accessibility.
-Settings and Operation of computer systems.
-Develop techniques and procedures associated with the system and application security.
-Start development environments by adapting their configuration to promote the application development.
Integration of graphical content of interactive users and with precise usability.
Develop cross-platform applications with access to databases using specific languages ​​and tools.
– Develop applications for mobile devices.
-Participate in the implementation of ERP-CRM systems.

What are the requirements needed to study the FP Diploma in Cross-Platform Application Development

For enroll in a higher cycle such as cross-platform application development a series of requirements are required. Among them are:

-Have a high school diploma.
-Have a higher degree or an intermediate degree.
-Have passed the higher level access test.
-Have passed the University entrance test for people over 25 years old.
-Have the title of COU, FPII or an official title equivalent or superior to the previous ones.

The duration of this official FP is two years, which is spread over four semesters with a total of 2,000 hours. Once the studies are completed, the title of Senior Technician in Multiplatform Application Development, issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, will be obtained.

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