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Guide to Advertising on Twitter

Launch a campaign advertising on Twitter This can be a great option to get your message across to your target audience or to get more reach for your tweets, as Twitter’s algorithm is constantly changing and content isn’t always displayed in chronological order.

However, since it is not as simple as advertising on Facebook or Instagram, many users are hesitant to launch a marketing campaign on Twitter. For this reason, here you will find an accurate and complete guide so that you can learn how to create ads that last over time and also reach your target audience on Twitter. Here’s what you need to know:

Types of ads on Twitter

It is important that you know the types of ads well in order to choose one that matches your marketing strategy, in order to reach more people.

– Promoted Tweets: These are the paid tweets that other unfollowers see. These work like any other Tweet, except they include the “Promoted” tag. Such an ad will appear in the potential customer’s feed, profile, and search results.

– Promoted accounts: This advertising option allows the promotion to be applied to your entire company or brand account. The promoted account will appear in the followers feed and the ad will appear in the suggestions of people to follow and include the “Follow” button.

– Promoted trends: They consist of a collection of popular topics and hashtags that are exposed in real time. It allows users to interact with this type of trending topic as if it were viral news. The benefit that a promoted trend will show your potential customers. If the consumer clicks on the ad, they will see search results for the topic and the first tweet will be an advertisement for your product or service.

– Moments promoted: is a list of stories that shows what’s happening through a series of tweets that you can make as a promoted trend. This is a format in which you will create ads longer than 280 characters.

Guide to Advertising on Twitter

Here are the steps you will need to follow if you want to run a Twitter ad campaign:

– Configure Twitter Ads: you need to open a profile in Twitter Ads to start an ad campaign, if you don’t already have one active, just enter ads twitter. Complete the required information and to continue, click “Let’s get started”. When you’re done, you’ll have access to the Twitter Ads Manager and its tools. From there, you will monitor your campaigns and analyze the results obtained to know the effectiveness of the ad.

– Select the propaganda objective: Define precisely what you want to achieve with your advertising campaign and this will allow you to access the format that best suits your interests.

– Scheduled ads and bidding method: If this is your first marketing campaign, just create an ad group. Then, as you move forward and get the job done faster, it’s more cost-effective to segment your advertising by category for each type of audience. Here you can experiment with different methods, budgets and content until you produce what the audience needs.

It is recommended that the group have a name and a start and end date. It is essential that you choose the amount you will pay for each interaction. You will be able to choose your funding source, set a budget and decide if you will launch the campaign or wait a bit before publishing it.

– Segment the audience: Audience selection is essential for campaigns to have a positive impact on the people you care about. The first step is demographic categorization, dividing consumers by gender, age, location, language, and technology. It is preferable to be precise, it is necessary to note the name of the cities and even the postal code.

“Targeting Features” will allow you to target advertising to specific consumers who are interested in your message. You must respond or offer solutions to their interests, for this you must know their tastes and behaviors. In the same menu you will find a summary with the estimated number of people the ad will reach, this will serve as a small guide.

If you want a less automatic process, you have the option of generating your own list of leads. You can also try to attract similar people to your fan base. When you are done segmenting, just click “Next”.

– Ad location: consists of ad group details. It’s just a matter of choosing where you want paid advertising to be displayed. Once this process is complete, your campaign will be ready to launch. Before publishing, do a thorough review to avoid failures and check that everything is as you want.

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