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How to check if a Twitter profile is fake

know if a Twitter profile is wrong may be simpler than it looks. Changes in account verification policies introduced after Elon Musk acquired the social network may make knowing the true identity of profiles problematic. In fact, in many cases, they obscure whether an account is official or just paid for the long-awaited blue tick.

With the new rules, when you click on the blue verification label, you can’t tell how the Twitter profile in question acquired it. Thus, impossible to know if he is relevant or simply subscribed to Twitter Blue. Now, with the following tips, you won’t need more than a few seconds to figure out if a Twitter user is fake or only paid to have the badge.

How to check if a Twitter user is real

Anyone subscribing to the paid Twitter Blue service can enter the user name of their choice. Since the verification badge will also be displayed, it is now easier to impersonate a celebrity on Twitter. However, it is always possible to detect impostors on the little bird’s social network by applying certain criteria:

-Check the number of subscribers: Due to the aforementioned changes, Twitter blue tags have lost much of their usefulness. In this sense, a good way to know if an account really belongs to a celebrity, a relevant politician, a brand or a news channel is to check the number of subscribers.

For example, world famous newspapers like The New York Times or renowned sports personalities like LeBron James have millions of followers. In conclusion, if the Twitter profile of a really influential person or organization has “only” hundreds or thousands of followers, it is very likely to be fake.

-Pay attention to the username: The example of the New York Times is very useful. And it is that with the new Twitter rules, the famous American newspaper was one of the first major organizations to lose its “inherited” verification mark.

In such cases, another way to know the authenticity of the profile is to take a look at the username. That is, the name after the @ symbol and not the display name on the account.

This is because fake profiles usually use random usernames. In many cases, mostly people or an unreadable combination of letters and numbers. Sometimes they try to imitate the original as much as possible, so for example they can change an O for a zero and thus confuse the tweeters.

-Read posted messages. Putting this trick into practice may take a little longer. However, reading the user’s tweets suspected to be fake can be very effective. For example, if the account is from a major international newspaper, it is normal that there are links to news among its tweets. If looking at their timeline you only get spam and information that is not at all related to the type of profile, there is no doubt that it is wrong.

-Beware of letters that are too similar: One of the tricks used by fake Twitter accounts is to use usernames similar to the real accounts, but with letters that look very similar. For example, changing an “I” to an “l” (i and ele) may go unnoticed by the naked eye. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine an account username to ensure that it matches the actual account username.

-Check the account creation date: Fake accounts are usually newly created. Twitter allows you to see the date an account was created at the bottom of the biography, next to the location and configured link. If an account claims to be from a person or company that has been on Twitter for a long time but has a recent creation date, it is likely a fake account.

-Analyze followers and follow-ups: Influencers on Twitter tend to follow each other. Therefore, examining an account’s followers and following can help determine whether it is real or fake. If an account claims to be from a famous person but doesn’t follow other influencers or have relevant followers, it’s most likely fake.

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