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How to make money from the internet via PayPal

Get  1 dollar on PayPal in 5 minutes; have you heard of this method before Is it possible to earn money from PayPal What are the ways to make money online via PayPal Is PayPal one of the honest profit sites All these and other questions I will answer you about in this article, in which I tried to collect for you all the ways that provide you with the service of collecting money by PayPal through this simplified explanation; continue the article.


What is PayPal

PayPal is an electronic bank established in 1998 in the city of California in the United States; to facilitate the service of money transfer, purchase, payment, and profit from the internet, it also provides a free subscription service and benefits people who shop online and work freelance via the World Wide Web.

There are also no fees that you have to pay when creating a PayPal account because creating an account is free, there are also no fees for transferring amounts or payments using PayPal, but there is a fee of 1.4% on the transfer process when using your bank card for transfers, but you must issue a prepaid card and link your bank account with PayPal so that you can transfer directly from your bank account.

However, some countries cannot currently send or receive personal payments. But the staff is working on providing this option in the future, where you can read more information on this topic by the link from here, and now let’s start on how to profit from PayPal and what are the possible ways for this.

Ways to get money on PayPal for free

Earn money from online PayPal via polls

Opinion polls are one of the most popular PayPal credit earning, where PayPal offers the opinion polls service; which you can participate in and answer to collect money, it requires you to register on the platform and create a personal PayPal account, write your data, and then go to the questionnaires to respond to them.

PayPal displays surveys from time to time, and after completing the questionnaire, the balance is transferred to your account in your profile, where earnings are collected in the form of points and later converted into money. the surveys provided by PayPal vary to include various topics in everyday life, their requirements and needs.

You can also earn purchase vouchers and use them easily while shopping on the internet, and you can cancel some surveys if their topics do not interest you and select the surveys you like, and the more surveys you fill out, the relatively higher the rate of surveys that are offered to you.

 Make money from online PayPal by working as a freelancer

You can work as a freelancer on one of the freelancing sites such as fives, Pfeiffer, design, and other freelance site platforms, which I mentioned to you in a separate article about the best profit sites from the internet, select the field you want and the skill you master such as writing articles, designing, converting audio files, Information Technology, etc., and start working as a freelancer and about your earnings on PayPal.

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