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How to Optimize Company Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social platform dedicated to social relations with the most active accounts. This is a meeting point between professionals and companieswhere to share knowledge, find new job opportunities and discover new talents.
LinkedIn has a tool for companies with which they can create their own pages, in the style of Facebook pages, but with work-oriented features, such as the possibility of displaying vacancies, the human team behind the business or new services and products.
How to Optimize Company Pages on LinkedIn

It’s important to keep in mind that each brand can follow their own methods to delight and grow their audience, however, depending on the company, there are common strategies that make it possible for a business to grow within the platform. . These are:

  • Post videos: As reported by LinkedIn, short videos are a powerful hook that capture users’ attention, becoming one of the most important content on the platform. The company advises the use of subtitles, since there are a large number of users who browse without sound. They also highlight the use of live streams, a feature that was launched this year.
  • Content of the schedule: It is now possible to schedule content on LinkedIn company pages using its own tool, which is highly recommended in any marketing strategy on this professional platform.
  • Socially responsible initiatives: The company emphasizes that while its network is business-driven, the people behind every brand are real people with feelings and emotions. Considering this, they advise brands to show their corporate social responsibilities, sustainability and any other human relations practices in a powerful way. This is vital because millennials and Gen Z make up the largest percentage of the workforce on LinkedIn and for them, obviously, human connections are important.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Company details that users follow and do business with companies that share their same values. Today, equality has become one of the most important values, and in the face of this, leading companies have taken an informed position on these issues. Positioning yourself against social inclusion will lead to a loss of prestige on the social network (and outside of it). )
  • Highlighting human talent: “At the end of the day, people don’t identify with companies. They identify with the people at those companies, which is why showing the faces and sharing the stories of your organization’s employees tends to be so effective,” as LinkedIn details in inviting companies to showcase talent and employee voice to attract top talent.
  • Flagship innovation: In addition to highlighting the human side, LinkedIn relies on innovation. They think it’s important for users to know what companies are doing to change the game in their respective industries.

Must-Have Features on Company Pages

On the other hand, it is important to note that the company has also launched tools for freelancers, freelancers and SMEs, ideal for small brands to highlight their services on the platform. At the moment, they are only available in the United States.

In this sense, LinkedIn Pages have some essential features that help improve their visibility and reach:

  • -Moderation options: LinkedIn Pages offer moderation options where the Page admin can select who can view and comment on Page posts.
  • -Reactions: LinkedIn reactions work the same way as Facebook reactions. It gives subscribers more options when it comes to reacting to a post, beyond the typical “like”. With them, users can “celebrate”, “recommend”, “support”, show their curiosity or show they like something.
  • -LinkedIn Stories: Stories, with short content and 24 hours of life, are the new trend in social networks. Companies can use this type of content to offer tips, post updates, job search alerts, or show moments in the lives of workers. It is content that generates engagement, since subscribers can respond to stories.
  • -Image carousel: This feature allows users to upload a PDF file to the platform which will be displayed as a dynamic carousel of images. This form facilitates the sharing of documents such as white papers, catalogs or ebooks.
  • -Linked live: Live videos are some of the content that performs best on the internet. LinkedIn has its own tool for broadcasting live videos. This allows companies to create engaging content, interview industry experts, show their processes from the inside, or conduct Q&A sessions with the audience.
  • – Featured Content: LinkedIn has long allowed you to create a featured content section, where professionals can highlight some of their best work. While this is a feature of personal profiles, these also affect pages (if they’re part of a business, of course). Showing the exceptional content of the workers strengthens the image of the company and provides greater confidence.
  • -Events: Creating events increases visibility and offers the possibility of creating new contacts, by introducing the company to other users. LinkedIn offers the possibility to organize online events, which can be public or private, as well as to send invitations to the desired users.
  • -Surveys: It is a type of content that generates a lot of interactions, because it does not require the user to take the time to offer a long answer. It offers a tool to get user feedback and a way to connect with subscribers.

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