How to profit from YouTube for beginners 2022 from Google AdSense

The idea of making channels on YouTube and profiting from them has recently spread among many young people, some of whom have become famous thanks to these channels, and the return from these channels and the number of followers on them is never negligible, but if you want to create your channel and do not know how to start, here we will show you how to profit from YouTube for beginners 2022 from Google AdSense through the money makers website.

How to profit from YouTube for beginners 2022 from Google AdSense.


Many people are wondering how to profit from Google AdSense without having a website, and the answer to that is that it is possible to profit from AdSense by creating a channel on YouTube and displaying distinctive visual content on the channel that attracts the audience, from here it is possible to profit through views, and we will explain in detail the stages of reaching profit from YouTube for beginners as follows:

1-How to create a YouTube channel

To create a channel on YouTube and profit from it, when starting to create a channel on YouTube, it is necessary to determine what this channel will be used for, you should familiarize yourself with the ideas of YouTube channels, ideas of a YouTube channel for children, ideas for making videos on YouTube, and after determining this, proceed with the following steps to create your channel:

  1. You must first log in to your Google account, and this is a necessary step because without a Google account you cannot make your channel.
  2. When entering your account, you will find on the right or left side a rectangular window with the word your channel or your channel
  3. You must choose a suitable name for your channel and register it with it in this step.
  4. After that, you should customize the channel and press a button in which it is written to customize the channel.
  5. You must change the voice of the account, for example, if this is a personal channel, then you should put your picture.
  6. You should put another photo as a cover and it should illustrate the purpose of this channel.
  7. Here in this step, you must create your videos and then upload them to your channel, and this is the last step to complete your channel on YouTube.

2-How to make money from YouTube

Earning from YouTube may be difficult at first, but it’s really rewarding if your nel is famous, and here we’ll show you the steps to earning from a YouTube channel:

  • The first step is to think of a new and creative idea for your YouTube channel and this will help you a lot in its popularity.
  • The second step is to have a very special program and be able to edit videos through it.
  • After you create and edit the video to show it professionally, you must upload it to your channel and market it well tos and start earning.

3-How to get views on YouTube

Getting views on YouTube depends on several worlds, but the most important of those factors are good content and smart marketing of this content here ill give you some tips for both:

  1. You must present a new and different idea from others and this idea must be creative.
  2. If you are the one who is going to present the content in the video, you must be good-looking and confident too.
  3. You must be well aware of how to record and edit videos, or you can use one of the specialists in video editing at this step.
  4. You should think carefully about the name of the video you are going to upload and it should be short and informative.
  5. The duration of the video should be short so that the viewer does not get bored of this video.
  6. You can shoot anywhere, anytime and for this, you have to take your camera everywhere you go.

As for smart marketing, we will also give him some useful tips, namely:

  • Having an attractive cover photo is one of the most important factors for marketing, as well as the rest of the other settings for your channel.
  • It is preferable to make your blog on one of the sites that allows you to make a free blog with it and promote your channel on YouTube.
  • You can use various social media sites to promote your channel.

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