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How to start earning from selling domains

 Profit from selling a domain, who does not want to make a profit while doing business?  Everyone wants to taste profit and success.  But many stumble, follow the wrong path and end up in disaster.

 The same is the case when one is not familiar with the business of buying and selling domain names.

How to start earning from selling domains

How do you buy domain names?

 The first thing you should understand is how to register a domain.  Back in the day, .com and .  net is very popular as extensions.

 If you go in early and buy some domains, you are sitting on a pile of cash because some of those domain names are worth a lot today.

 Go to websites like Domain.com and GoDaddy.com.  Search for the exact keywords or name you want your domain to be.

 This lookup tells you if the domain name is available or not.

 If the domain name is available, you have the option to add it to your cart.  If you are planning to buy the domain, you need to know how long you want to register.

 This time generally in years.  You also get the option to purchase add-ons like domain privacy.

How do profit from selling the domain?

 The first step to selling a domain is to make a list of the domains you own. Now is a short list of the ones you want to sell.

 Next, select the domain pricing structure.  Although it is not mandatory (you can auction your domain),

 However, keeping the base price in mind makes it easy to sell.

 Now, you need to list your domain for sale.  You can visit websites like GoDaddy that provide the option to put domains up for sale.

 Once your domain is listed, now watch how people bid silly to buy your domain.

 If you think so, you are wrong.  Selling takes time unless you have a highly visible and profitable domain name.  It will take weeks or even months to receive your first purchase offer.

How to start earning from selling domains

Consider pricing to profit from selling the domain (domain)

 In 2009 insure.com was sold for $16 million equivalent to Rs.  1,14,46,40,000 (approximately according to today’s exchange rate value).

 Mind-boggling, isn’t it?  This is just crazy and there are many other examples: insurance.com, holidayrental.com, etc.

 This does not mean that you will also get astronomical amounts for your domain.  Lots of popular keyword domains have already been purchased.

 It is unlikely that you will have a domain with common but attractive names (bank.com, digitalworld.com, etc.).

 To get an idea of ​​the prices, visit the domain trading sites.

 You will know to what extent domains similar to yours are listed.  Set your pricing forecast accordingly.

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