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How to write an SEO-compatible article that can top Google search results

1-How to write SEO-compatible content for Blogger blogs

1-How to write SEO-compatible content for Blogger blogs 

The title of the article is one of the most important factors to attract visitors to your site, when you write a great article on a topic and put an Unattractive or search the engine-compatible title on it or a request from visitors, it will not bring you visitors, and therefore your effort becomes wasted in writing content that is not attractive to visitors, in this case, what is the best way to choose a title for your article and these are important things that you should know when you decide to start learning how to write SEO articles for Blogger blogs.

Here it takes several things and all these things are set under the desire to bring visitors to your site by choosing an appropriate title for the content of your article.

First of all, you must make a plan for your article, meaning about what I will write in my article

Deciding how to write an SEO-compatible article for Blogger blogs

Of course, you write in the specialization of your site, meaning if your site as a website talks about SEO or learning SEO for Blogger blogs, then write in this field, and do not write content outside the scope of your site’s specialization, and this is advice from me for you because specialization with understanding and usefulness is better than several specialties that you do not understand in most of them, which forces you to copy or modify articles from other sites and put them on your site and you end up closing the site.

My advice is to write what you understand and you can be creative in it

After the decision to write content, the stage of searching for an attractive title for the article begins, and here comes the role of the auxiliary factors that we will mention to you, which I hope you will follow to eventually reach attractive content for visitors.

 2-Choose a title for your article

It starts by entering the Google search engine first and searching for the word you want to target and putting it in the title of the article

For example, if we assume that here in my blog I decided to write about SEO, What should I do

Go to Google, search for it and see the results

Choosing the right article title

Note at the top of the image the number of monthly searches for this word, the number is large and therefore the opportunity to compete for this word to bring visitors is very difficult and also to appear in the first five results is almost impossible, then what should I do when I want to write an article about SEO 

Keyword-related searches so that you can know how to write SEO articles for Blogger blogs

Notice how many words you can put in the first of your title and you will find a response from visitors, let’s take an example for example

Seo explanation if you take it as a sentence only, I will find a big search on it and it is difficult to find a place for you as I mentioned earlier in the first results, but we put it in the title sentence and write for example :

Explaining SEO blogger for beginners to bring visitors 2018

Note here that we have placed the target sentence “SEO explanation” inside the title text …see the image and see how much the monthly search rate for the sentence is

How to write SEO articles for Blogger blogs after knowing the number of results for the target word 

You will find that you can easily top the search engine for the phrase “explaining to SEO blogger for beginners to bring visitors 2022”.

Always put the target sentence or word of your article within the title and description in the first sentences of the article to get targeted visitors.

There is, of course, a Keyword Planner or keyword planning tool from Google, through which you can derive the monthly search rate for the target word and other sites specialized in this.


Always put in your account, while you are trying to understand how to write SEO articles for Blogger blogs, that the short article title is considered one of the favourites of search engines and is compatible with SEO, always try to put a title for your articles that are not short or long, preferably between 50 and 60 characters, including spaces, because in Google, for example, the maximum appearance of the title is within 66 characters, which makes the title appear in full in front of the visitor and is considered one of the means of attracting visitors because it gives the full meaning in front of the visitor, while the long title does not appear in full in front of the visitor in the search engine, which alienates the visitor because he did not give him the full content of what it contained

3-distribute the article into paragraphs and use the hashtags h3,h2, and hand 1.

You must be aware and understanding of the nature of the components of the blogger writing panel, which has summarized and facilitated a lot for you to put these tags for your article because of their importance to search engines and to distinguish between titles, subheadings, subheadings and the body of the article itself, you must take them into account to comply with the terms of SEO 

For example, as you can see in the image, the title of the article always takes the hashtag h1, the subtitle with the keyword takes the hashtag h2, and the secondary and branched subheadings of the subheadings take the hashtag h3, you must take this into account while writing the article.

 4-internal links and the use of images and videos 

You should try to link it to the content inside your blog or if you use an external link, mention it as the source of your article to give the reader confidence in the source of your information.

Also, as for photos or videos, there is no article without them, because they are important explanatory means through which the visitor shows the meaning and purpose of the paragraph, as a further clarification next to the text paragraph.

5-Use alt tags and alt text on images

This topic is very important and may be overlooked by many, which is to put a description title and alternative text on all the images in your article, because Google does not read images, but reads the text that describes the image and knows it.

All this I touched on in my article, is a witness to the importance

How to optimize image archiving with search engines and free sites to get images for your articles 

 6-the length of the article is one of the conditions for writing SEO-compatible content 

It is very important that when you write an article, try to have a lengthy article explaining the content that he talks about extensively, and do not write a content of 300 words, for example, and say that you handled it from all sides, no, but search engines when you see an article at length, they make sure that the article talks about the topic at full length, and this is what the visitor is looking for.

Try to expand your essay to at least 1000 words as much as possible and be comprehensive in all aspects.

7-fix spelling errors 

Before publishing your article, you must refer to it in spelling and it should be free of errors to give the impression to the visitor that you are a professional person in your article and interested in it, but the article is a lot of spelling errors, it leaves the impression to the visitor that the owner of the site and the author of the article are not interested and therefore make the visitor exit from your site be fast, which affects the bounce rate of your site.

8-distinguish keywords 

The keyword or key sentence on which the topic of the article is based should be marked with a heavy font and a bottom line, the goal is to inform the search engines that the topic of the article revolves around this target word.

9-changing the form of links in the blogger

Changing the form of links in bloggers to understand how to write an SEO-compatible article for Blogger blogs


You must take into account and pay close attention to the form of the link in the blog, especially for the Arabic content in the blogger, because the link that appears after the publication of your blog gives you an automatic link that does not indicate the content of the blog, and therefore the search engines will not understand anything that speaks this link, which is similar to the first link in the image, which has an X, Mark.

You must log in to the link Settings from the blogger panel before publishing the blog post – this is very important – so that you can edit the link in steps as in the following image :

Identifying a custom link is one of the priorities of knowing how to write SEO-compatible content for Blogger blogs


And use Google to translate the title of your article, then take the translation output and search Google with it, then look at the results and try to derive a title for your blog close to the title that occupies the first or second place in the search results and English, of course.

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