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LinkedIn Tips for Recent Graduates

apply some tips and best practices on LinkedIn will help you find a job whether you’re fresh out of college or a college graduate. The great advantage of this professional social network is that it has a wide variety of tools that will allow you to work on your personal brand, find professional contacts and, why not, also access your ideal job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the first steps in your professional field, building a strong profile is more likely to land you at one of the best companies to work for or that new company that’s going to give you your first work experience.

There are plenty of tips you should keep in mind when building and managing your presence on LinkedIn. In addition, here you will find specific ones for people who are looking for their first job after leaving the University or any other center of study. If you don’t have too much experience yet, write down these tips.

How to get the most out of LinkedIn without work experience

  • Use a professional profile picture: Not having a profile picture set up or having one that doesn’t make you look professional will definitely not help recruiters notice your profile. Remember that LinkedIn profiles that have professional photos receive up to 20 times more views than those without. How should this photograph be? Here we leave you some tips.
  • Add your work experience: This section does not only refer to the inclusion of the formal work you have done. If you don’t have a lot of work history, you can also detail volunteer work and scholarships you’ve done. Being a recent graduate, you may not yet have a lot of experience, so it is also important that you provide very concise information about the positions you have held or the tasks you have performed in other activities related to your area of ​​work.
  • Complete your profile: It is essential that you fill in all the fields requested by the platform when creating your profile. Remember to come up with a compelling title and add as much information about yourself as possible. Don’t forget to include the languages ​​you speak and the certifications you have earned.
  • Update your profile: Once you’ve invested time in creating your profile, be sure to update it regularly with new skills and abilities you’ve learned.
  • Participate in groups: One way to gain relevance on the social network is to actively participate in interest groups on LinkedIn in which you can demonstrate your knowledge or skills. Even if you don’t have a lot of professional experience, you will be able to interact with experts and important people in your industry.
  • Ask your colleagues to recommend you: A good way to stand out on LinkedIn is to ask your colleagues or ex-colleagues at the university, scholarships you have taken… to recommend you on the platform. You can also think of professionals who leave positive testimonials of your work, such as a professor you trust or an expert in your industry with whom you have a relationship. Companies tend to hire professionals who have been recommended by a manager or colleagues with whom you have had a close working relationship.
  • Create a unique URL: By making your profile public, you can facilitate the work of company recruiters. For this, you need to produce your unique URL, which you can then add to your CV and bio on social networks. This way it will be easier for them to find your profile from any search engine.

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