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New Features for LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn has launched a series of innovations that will change the way companies can take advantage of the professional social network that Microsoft acquired in 2016.

The updates are now available to all companies with a LinkedIn Company Page and, according to the company, are just the first of a wide range of new tools to arrive in the coming weeks. At the moment, the ones available are:

Publication planning. Finally, LinkedIn is launching its own tool so that Company Page administrators can schedule content to be published at the time they want. You can now select the date and time you want a content item to be published in the future.

Additionally, scheduled posts can be managed and rescheduled if desired, or deleted. At the moment, this function is only available on the desktop, but the company will gradually roll it out to the mobile application.

Audio chat. Companies will now also be able to create their own LinkedIn Audio Events, to engage with their audience in Clubhouse-style audio rooms.

The good thing is that you no longer need to resort to third-party apps, but these audio chat rooms can be activated from the LinkedIn company page itself.

Subscribers can discover and register for channels in advance, and receive a notification when it starts broadcasting, without needing to use the camera.

Whenever they wish, they can “raise their hand” to participate. If they want, they can also respond with emojis and reactions to comments in the room.

Share job postings as a business page. It’s now easier to share jobs on the Company Page. Companies can choose to automatically share all of their job postings on their company page. This way, the best candidates can find the positions that best suit them as they become available.

When this feature is enabled, LinkedIn will post a job each day as if it were a scheduled post on the Company Page, displaying all active job postings for that company on the professional social network.

An offer will be published automatically every day as long as there are active vacancies. When a new offer is added, it is also part of the range of offers that the Page will automatically share on a daily basis.

Follow other pages as a business. Your company can now follow other company pages on LinkedIn, which can enrich the conversation and sharing of views between companies on LinkedIn.

Other news on LinkedIn pages

The new features announced by LinkedIn for Company Pages join others that have been released throughout 2022, such as the following:

“My company” tab. In this new tab, Page admins can curate content through a recommendation tool that suggests articles to employees. Additionally, a new analytics tool has been added that improves the way to measure the impact of employee relations.

According to LinkedIn, 60% of workers are more willing to share content shared by other colleagues or people in their corporate network. What is sought with this measure is to encourage these links between the people who gravitate around a company.

Verification of employees. On the other hand, it was announced that “in the next few months” employee verification will be offered free of charge to all Pages that have more than 10 employees. This way they can show on their profile that they actually work for the company they say they work for.

Forms to get leads in product pages. LinkedIn is now adding the ability to create lead generation forms to businesses that have product pages on their company pages for free.

When a user clicks on one of the products, the fields will be automatically populated with data from their LinkedIn profile and they will be given the option to submit it. Being such a simple process, many users should accept it.

Along with these news, LinkedIn It also has the “Events” tabwhich allows employees to find out about all the virtual events that a company is organizing, past and future, at a time when the celebration of digital events has grown considerably.

Finally, LinedIn added new metric analysis tools on business pages. Until now, Page admins could only see the total number of followers and the most basic demographics. The new data shown now details how each follower found the Company Page and when they started following it.

Integration with mobile app. Now, managing Company Pages will be easier from the LinkedIn mobile app, as process integration is improved. This means that any social network enterprise functionality can now be published and managed from within the app. Until now, it is true that there were some limitations when posting to pages from mobile phones, but with the new design, this problem disappears.

Use of hashtags. Now, business page managers can associate them with hashtags. Thus, they can practice a better social listening exercise on the social network and be aware of any conversation that takes place around their brand or a subject that concerns it.

The page owner will see different tabs with each of the associated hashtags, and in each of them the latest content posted on that topic will be displayed.

Using hashtags will also make it easier for users who search for a certain topic to see the company’s Company page among search results on the professional social network.

Content suggestions. As if it were a current trend, LinkedIn is also launching a list of “suggested content”, in which current problems on the social network will be displayed, according to the hashtags mentioned previously. This will make it easier to find and discover content for both businesses and users.

Where this comes in particularly handy is in topic trends – LinkedIn has also added a new “Content Suggestions” list, which showcases topics and content that are trending with your target audience on LinkedIn, on the hashtag database.

Share documents. Until now, LinkedIn Company Pages let you share photos, videos, and text. But now you can also publish documents (eg PDF files or Powerpoint presentations).

Employee content. The new company pages also make it easier to share content generated by a company’s employees on the company profile. Depending on the platform, employee-generated content can mean up to 8x the usual engagement.

Additionally, sharing these types of posts makes it easier to update the Company Page, which many admins find difficult because they often don’t know what to post.

Reply and share mentions. The new LinkedIn Pages now make it easier to reply to and share any post that mentions the company. This is useful because many times other users write reviews or their opinion about a company’s product or service. With the new tools, it’s easier to generate conversations, know when the business was posted, and respond in different ways.

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