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Profit from Amazon Kindle from publishing books without capital

What is the Amazon Kindle store?

For starters, the Amazon store is one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world. Apart from selling general merchandise, they have a series of e-book readers called Amazon Kindle. These e-book readers, or as they are also called e-readers, allow users to read e-books and other documents and browse, buy and download them from their e-book marketplace called the Kindle store.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, or as it is called (Amazon Publishing House)), is Amazon’s internal publishing platform that authors and publishers use to publish their books directly to Kindle e-readers. Write your e-book, upload it to their platform with their requirements, and your book will be available on the Kindle store in a couple of days. Amazon customers can then browse the Kindle store for the ebooks they are interested in or through the Amazon website on their browsers. They can then buy the ebooks they want and then download them to their device. After this purchase, you have started the process of making a profit from the Amazon Kindle.

Why you should publish with Kindle

Amazon KDP is not the only publishing service that you can use to publish your e-book, as many other companies provide digital book publishing services and allow you to earn money online.

Reasons to use Amazon Publishing House:

  1. Amazon is an e-commerce giant. Thus, you are using the largest company in the world to sell your books and thus increase your chances of selling your books.
  2. Publishing through KDP is simple. With simple and easy steps you will be able to publish your ebook on Amazon.
  3. Amazon offers a lot of resources and support.
  4. Numerous options for setting the price and determining profits.
  5. Always retain ownership of the content you provide. Even if you sell your book, you can immediately request to cancel your e-book and delete it from the Amazon platform.
  6. Publishing books via Amazon Kindle is free and does not require payment of any fees.

Cons of using Amazon Publishing House:

  1. Marketing and promotion. You should keep in mind that there is no publisher, this means that all the marketing and promotion of your ebook should be done by yourself.
  2. The competition is intense. Because Amazon is the most potent platform globally, you will find millions of books and more on it.
  3. Proceeds. You should keep in mind when you sell a book, that 30% will go to Amazon and 70% will be the profit you made from Amazon Kindle publishing.

1 Choose the field you want to write about

The first thing to think about, when you decide to publish a book work and publish it, is what topic of the book you want or what topic you are going to write about. Here you should take care of some things

  • Consider your experience. And what are you good at What subject or subjects do you feel confident that you can teach to others?
  • Search the eBook categories and subcategories, to see if your book fits.
  • Check the number of reviews of books similar to yours, to find out how popular the topic is and the possibility of selling.

2 Search for keywords on Amazon

Doing a keyword search for your Kindle ebook is a little different from doing a keyword search for your blog posts.

When you do keyword research for your blog, you want people who search engines, especially Google, to find you.

By contrast, when you do a keyword search on Amazon, you get into the mindset of people who are looking for certain products (in your case, e-books) with the intention of buying.

For this reason, your ebook must be one of the first things they see.

The goal here is to find the words and phrases that potential buyers are likely to type in the search bar so that you can target these words and make sure that your ebook is on the search results page, ready for the target audience to click and buy.

Some of the tools you can use to search for keywords include Soovle and Amazon Keyword Tool.

3 Write the e-book

Writing your ebook is the most important step in this whole process. After all, you can’t make a profit from Amazon Kindle for publishing e-books without first publishing the book.

And depending on how much you like and are passionate about writing, this part is either the easiest or the most difficult step.

4 Write your title and create your e-book cover

The first thing that will make an impression on your book is the title of the book and the cover you have chosen for it.

The title of your ebook should be catchy and the cover of your ebook should be visually appealing to attract attention while staying relevant to the contents of your ebook.

5 Requirements you will need

Here is a list of what you will need to be able to upload your ebook on the KDP platform:

  • Your e-book manuscript is in format .docx or .epub or. mobi
  • The cover of the e-book is in the format .jpeg
  • Amazon book page: keywords, title, description.
  • The price.

Once Amazon agrees to publish your ebook, it will be published in the Kindle store in a few days.

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