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Strange and new project ideas that have a future 2

Coordination of parties, events and public events project

The idea of the project lies in the organization and planning of events, weddings, conferences, birthdays and other occasions, if you have a diplomatic sense and tact, you can implement this project, start by choosing a place or headquarters to create a company for organizing parties, make sure that the place is good and hire some workers to receive offers and agreements with customers, make your plans to cover the needs of the project in full, the project needs capital, but it is a profitable project.


Children’s hosting Project

This project is classified as one of the non-traditional projects and is not intended for the usual nursery, but is intended to host children in case the parents are busy outside the home, even if late, the project requires a safe place to keep the children and allocate some supplies to spend fun and comfortable times in exchange for money.

Online language courses teaching project

 Currently, many people resort to learning different languages, if you have a certificate in one of the languages, you can start holding online educational courses and recording educational digital videos so that people can refer to them at any time, and you can also get paid for each person’s subscription to the course.

Online electronics repair and maintenance education course project

 If you have general maintenance experience in any field of electronics, you can hold educational courses on repairing devices or maintaining computers, or smartphones in exchange for some money, start by preparing an educational course that contains clear steps professionally and you can sell these copies to more than one person, and you can also market the course via the internet and various electronic platforms.

E-book sales project

 E-books have recently become in demand, and most people want to download e-books on computers and smartphones to save time, effort and money, you can implement your project by creating a website for digital books and designing it according to the classifications of book topics in a coordinated manner so that anyone can download the book in exchange for buying it for a specified amount of money.

Electronic drawing education project

 If you have the skill of drawing or you are a specialist in the field of Arts and drawing, you can hold educational courses on the internet, publish videos or do a course that includes several educational clips about drawing and teach its steps in an easy and coordinated way in exchange for each subscriber receiving a sum of money, this project saves time and effort for customers wishing to subscribe and through it, you can achieve a good income.

The project of selling natural self-care products 

Many people prefer to buy natural self-care products that are free of any chemicals and free of processed perfumes and complex dyes, as the demand for them has recently increased among both women and men to maintain healthy skin, so if you are interested in this field and master the manufacture of natural products, I advise you to start in this project.

Examples of those products are the following: natural creams, natural soaps, natural body butter, natural deodorant, essential oils and all products that you can create an online store and place products with a description of each product at a specific price so that customers can contact you.

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