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Strange and new project ideas that have a future

A project to establish an online supermarket serving a specific area

I find this idea one of the best ideas that can be applied, especially with the entry of smartphones into all homes and to all people, and there is no doubt that online delivery has now become the first choice for a very large group of users, and this particular idea needs patience and development, but it will Be a pioneering idea someday.

 Allocate a room in your house and put everything the residents need from food supplies, candies, juices, cleaning materials and personal care products, then create an online store or an application, and display all your goods with a description of the price of the products, then specify a phone number for customers to contact you, and to be able to order the products they want, we advise you to respond to customers quickly and to ensure that their requests are met quickly and the goods are delivered to them.

Online cooking lessons project

 If you have high skills and experience in the field of cooking and preparing eastern and western dishes, you can hold online courses to teach cooking in exchange for a sum of money for each person who participates in the course, and you can make a good income from the implementation of this project, but this particular project needs you to be  One of the famous social media, and this is not difficult.

 Where you can be a famous Tik Tok, or famous on Snapchat, then you will start imposing your appearance on those platforms and followers will start reaching you from everywhere, and even if you cannot hold courses, you can profit by making advertisements for companies when you become famous,  There are plenty of examples of people who started their lives this way.


Project to create educational channels

 The idea of ​​the project is to create educational channels, whether on YouTube to profit from it or on social media sites, and to create educational videos in any field targeting a specific group such as cooking, teaching handicrafts, a specific industry, or educational lessons for children, this project does not need  A large capital and can be marketed in a good way and make a profit by attracting the largest category of visitors and subscribing to Google Adsense.


Crafts and handicrafts manufacturing project and marketing on Amazon

 Many people are looking for works, handicrafts and rare pieces such as pottery, ceramics, and accessories, and they are in great demand, and some of them do not need a lot of money to implement, all you need is the presence of the basic materials to implement some beautiful pieces of art and you can market them online by creating an online store or you can market them through  Amazon

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