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The best tools to find influencers

THE tools to search for influencers They are essential in all kinds of digital marketing campaigns. Professional influencers with a large, real audience and good engagement can help your business reach key audiences.

However, in social networks, there can be millions of profiles that meet the necessary skills and the challenge for companies is to find the influencers who really help them achieve their marketing objectives.

To help you with this task, we have selected the best tools and applications that will allow you to analyze the real influence of influencers and allow you to select the ideal content creator for your business.

Apps to find influencers

–Socialbakers: With this tool, you will be able to get analytics that will help you find the right influencer for your digital marketing campaign. In addition, you will be able to detect false metrics regarding the number of followers. Socialbakers has a limited free version, but also has a paid version with access to all features.

Apps to easily search for influencers

– Influence: Before starting to recruit the ideal influencer, Influencity carries out an analysis which takes into account the demographic aspects, the location and the topics of interest of your audience. The tool then analyzes the influencer’s profile and tells you the results of the ad campaign once it’s launched.

Applications to search for influencers from the computer

– Buzzsumo: This app’s search options allow you to filter by a profile’s number of likes, shared links, number of followers, language, and more. In addition, Buzzsumo is an ideal complement to manage any website since it has also been designed to improve SEO positioning.

Apps to quickly search for influencers

– Social post: It is totally focused on working with influencers, in fact you can register as such if you wish. Plus, as a brand, they’ll help connect you with the right person to advertise your brand on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Its Servi Publi service shows you statistics in real time.

Applications to search for influencers from your mobile

–Hunter.io: It has over 100 million email addresses in its database. Hunter.io finds the influencer email you need in seconds and you can contact the person. The app is free and offers relatively affordable subscription plans.

Applications to search for influencers on the web

–Clear: This is one of the best on the list as it helps in managing, monitoring and analyzing the appropriate marketing strategies for your brand and based on this, it locates the influencer that matches the campaign needs.

Apps to find new influencers

–VoxFeed: Their database includes over 50,000 brand ambassadors and influencers. Once you have contacted the ideal person for your campaign, the application will allow you to manage, set guidelines and access automated reports on the results of the marketing strategy you have implemented.

Streamer search platforms

–Samyroad: One of the most striking features of this influencer marketing agency is the use of an algorithm that calculates the level of engagement of followers with the influencer, among other aspects. Based on this data, the strategy is designed and the most suitable profiles are chosen.

Systems for finding new influencers

– Binfluencer: helps to attract influencers all over the world. In addition, this tool allows you to know the number of real followers and the level of influence of the person on social networks. Based on this data, you can set the rate for the service that the influencer will provide.

Platforms to find people on the Internet

–Upfluence: is a powerful software that searches for content creators in over 150 countries. Upfluence is the perfect tool to launch influencer marketing campaigns in minutes. The tool offers over 20 different filters to perform searches based on keywords, demographic information, location, and more.

Programs to find new influencers

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