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Top 10 companies people are investing in right now

The previous year was full of uncertainties and with the threat of an economic recession, all indications are that 2023 could be just as turbulent.

It is precisely at times like this that investors look for the best guarantees when executing their strategies and mainly focus on stable companies that allow them to ensure profits despite the turmoil that the stock market is going through. global.

The best companies to invest in in 2023

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But it’s not just about picking the best companies, it’s about identifying the most undervalued stocks today to try to maximize profits.

That’s just the key!

That’s why today we bring you a list of the top ten companies people are investing in right now.

1. Etsy-ETSY

This e-commerce company was already showing sustained growth long before the 2020 health crisis. However, it was during the pandemic that the company’s growth had its strongest impetus, as it grew more than twice the e-commerce industry average.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Etsy not only survived Amazon’s attempt to break into the sale of handmade items, but also prevailed over this giant and managed to maintain its trend of the growth.

2. Tesla–TSLA

Tesla has remained in the news in recent years thanks to the notoriety achieved by Elon Musk, its CEO. In 2020, the company posted 700% growth. Although it was down 65% in 2022, a circumstance in which stop loss trading was more useful than ever, we could see a resurgence for the business thanks to the growing interest in solar technology.

Additionally, with Musk’s possible resignation as CEO of Twitter, TSLA’s stock price may rise again in the coming years.

3. Pinterest – PINS

Among social platforms, Pinterest stands out as the oasis of ideas and, like other electronic platforms, it is the one that has grown the most during the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

While the trend has slowed with the lifting of restrictions, Pinterest has managed to maintain its potential for user growth over the long term thanks, at least in part, to its efforts to integrate e-commerce into its platform.

4. Amazon–AMZN

For several years now, Amazon has remained a hot commodity in stock markets, and with the growth of e-commerce during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that it continues to be.

Despite the fact that last year involved a setback in the e-commerce sector, Amazon remains a safe bet to invest in for the long term.

5. Shopify – SHOP

Shopify operates a platform for merchants of all sizes to sell their products online and operates on a monthly subscription model.

In 2022, the company generated $5.6 billion in revenue, which equates to only a small fraction of the $153 billion in market opportunities, a figure that is growing as more sellers focus their online sales efforts.

6. Apple–AAPL

There is no doubt that Apple is the biggest company in the United States and possibly the world, at least in terms of market capitalization.

Although the company is in an upturn, if this giant has shown us anything, it’s that it’s a great option to invest in when it’s down.

7. Mercado Libre – MELI

With the rise of e-commerce, it is no surprise that more and more people are encouraged to invest in companies in this sector, such as Mercado Libre.

This company has a dominant presence in several Latin American countries and recorded a merchandise volume of $9.6 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022.

8. Johnson & Johnson–JNJ

Johnson & Johnson has proven to be a stable company even in times of economic uncertainty, making it a popular choice among more conservative investors still resilient after the aftermath of the 2022 bear market.

In recent years, this blue chip company has managed to maintain a stable cash flow and its share value has increased by more than 4% in the first quarter of 2023.

9. Walt Disney-DIS

Disney has proven to be an all-rounder even in the most uncertain times.

During the pandemic, theme park revenue and theatrical receipts have been hit hard, but have seen exponential growth on its Disney+ streaming service.

With the return to normal, revenues from its parks are much higher than before the pandemic and the company continues to have enormous growth potential in the various areas of its business model.

10. PayPal funds – PYPL

So far in 2023, PayPal has been turbulent, dropping around 60% in the first quarter of the year.

However, with the earnings reported by the company in its latest report, it remains a good long-term option for investors.

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