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What is SEO and what is its role in increasing the number of visitors to the site

 The term SEO in English – may be a bit confusing for beginners in the world of e-marketing or website management of all kinds.

Since the word SEO is found in almost everything, whether you want to publish an article, put a certain product in your online store, or sometimes want to put a picture on social networking sites.

As long as there are search engines such as Google, YouTube or even Facebook, there is a need to know how to deal with them to top the search results, and that way of dealing is what we call SEO, which is an abbreviation of the term (Search Engine Optimization).

See what SEO is specifically, why it is so important to any business owner or project, whatever the field in which it works and the platform on which it depends.

The word (Optimization) means improving or optimizing something to get the best results from it (I’m sure you’ve heard this word before if you studied anything practical like engineering, pharmacy or logistics science).

If you want to understand everything you will need to deal with different search engines, and if you are interested in SEO because you want to get visits to your website or online store … then you are in the right place.

In this article, you will find a full answer to the question “What is SEO” and everything related to it, and also you will find some important information about search engines, which will help you in your professional work of any kind.

You will also learn about a lot of SEO angles, which professionals in this field and specialists in the world of e-marketing rely on.

A simple experiment to understand the seo and its importance.

There are a lot of search engines on various online platforms, for exa,mple the winner’s site, if you go up to the top you will find a white rectangle with “search here” written inside.

If you enter any word, for example, ” YouTube” in this rectangle, and click on the search mark, you will find many articles that will talk about YouTube (you will find a lot of articles, we covered a lot of aspects about YouTube ?).

This is a simple example of search engines – which we will explain in more detail later-and on the other hand there is the search engine giant of the world.

This giant is Google, where if you type the word YouTube, you will see more than 15 billion results in English, and more than 100 million if you search in Arabic.

Here, if you ask yourself while searching, “if the words change a little, the search results will change,” and another question ” ” on what basis were the search results ranked?” “ Then you are right, and forswear you, let’s do the following experiment.

Open a new window in the browser on which you rely, go again to the simple search engine of the winner’s site and type the word “YouTube” in the search, this time check the ranking of the results.

Repeat the experiment, bs time type in the search engine “YouTube” – by increasing a thousandth and a La – you will notice that the order of the results has changed from the first time, even in the first results.

Now repeat the same experience but with the Google search engine, you will find that there is no difference in the first results except in the tenth result, and of course, there are millions of other results on Google.

During your experience on the winner’s website, you are looking at our site, and all the results, no matter how large, are limited in number, and for us, the order of the results will not make any difference to some extent – remember this point because we will return to it later.

As for the Google search engine, which is the window for many people on the internet, the ranking of results is very important, and I would not be lying if I told you it is a matter of life or death for many companies and sites.

Don’t you believe me Let me ask you then, what was the last time you looked at the search results on the second or third page on Google while searching for anything 

There is a famous saying among SEO professionals that says “if you want to hide something put it on the second page of Google search results  no one will find it”.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a term invented by Arab marketers, and it refers to these letters (SEO), which in turn is an abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization, which means the process of optimizing and adjusting content to appear in the first search results, to get the freest visitors.

For example, web pages are optimized and adjusted in certain ways so that they appear in the first results of a Google Search, and therefore the site gets traffic (free visits from Google).

Videos are also adjusted in a certain way so that they appear in the first search results on YouTube, and by the way, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google search.

To make the picture clearer for you let’s go back to the example of a simple search that we did on the winner’s site, if you carefully check the search results in which we wrote “YouTube”, you will find that there are about 12 pages of results.

If you look at the titles of all the results, you will find that they contain the word YouTube in the title up to about the fourth page, and then the results do not contain the word YouTube in the title.

But the word YouTube will be mentioned in the content of the article itself this means that if we want to make any article in the first results of the search word “YouTube” on the winner’s site, we have to put the same word in the title.

This is what the word content tuning is intended for, to make it follow certain rules, which comply with the conditions of search engines so that it tops the first results.

This is what is meant by the SEO process, or adjusting and setting the content in a certain way, I think that the idea has become very clear to you now with this simple example and that you have become aware of what SEO is in practice. Continue reading so you know more details.

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